The Have Nots of the Week

Dom now evicted from the BB13 house, by a vote of 7-1

Last night was filled with excitement as Dominick was the 3rd house guest evicted from the Big Brother 13 house by a vote of 7-1.  The new head of household was decided on  mock-up skis and mountain in the back yard of the Big Brother house.

Big Brother HOH competition - Big Brother Mountain Skiers

Dani was able to hold out for her downhill victory after making a deal with the house labeled floater Kalia in the 1st endurance competition of the season.

Dani & Kalia the last two on Big Brother Mountain, Kalia cutting a deal to stay safe

House guests who were among the first four out were blessed or cursed with the contents of a “snowball” containing a surprise.  Adams luck ran out and he has to wear an elf-tard for the rest of the week.   Lawon, Jordon and Brendon picked curses and are slop eaters this week.  Jeff was the lucky house guest, and grabbed the 10,000 dollar cash prize.

The final moments of the HOH competition with the losers looking down and out

I’m not sure standing on ski’s for an hour an a half could really have been labeled as endurance and I long for the times of night long competitions of Big Brother seasons past where the challenges were unpredictable and actually required stamina.  I am not saying that Big Brother is rigged, but BB is certainly at work and continues to manipulate and deliver on the promise to expect the unexpected.

America’s vote on which food the have not’s will have added to their slop & allowed condiments will be revealed soon on Live Feeds and I’ll be coming up with creative ways to make things with them as well as reporting in on things the house-guests come up with using their creativity!


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