Brendon and Rachel’s Big Brother Wedding

I had to mention this, although there was not much reception food.  Last night Rachel and Brendon exchanged vows in the first Big Brother Wedding.  It was very sweet, and its obvious that they do really have deep feelings for each other.   I have not been a fan of Brenchel over the past seasons of Big Brother, but I love love, and its such a beautiful thing to get a break from the game, and experience something kind sweet and loving.

I also have to compliment Shelly and her creativity in making the “white trash” garbage bag wedding dress.  It was actually quite nice, and Brendon’s Mock Tux was also something so creative and special.

Here is a quick “mock” page of photos.

I have to admit that I loved that Jordon caught the bouquet and Jeff the ace bandage garter belt.

If I would have had more time, I would have figured out a Slop Cake, or maybe even Slopatizers for the event.


4 responses

  1. i love it i have always been a brenchal fan since the beginning and I hope they will be very happy together. and I hope that shelly and adam keep brendon he can help them more than jordan can,she is sweet and i do like her but, thats not going to help shelly and adam

    • I thought that Rachel was pretty rough around the edges last time around, her temper and emotional connection to everything reminds me of myself, and I normally pick out things in others that I don’t like about myself. My heart strings want Jordon to say so she and Jeff can spend the summer together. I hate to see Brendon and Rachel split for the summer, and I know how much she wants to win. I like Shelly and Adam too.. I think they are very much genuine people, who have come to play the game and not just for their 15 minutes of fame, like Kalia and Porche. Thanks for the comments! Please come and visit again!

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