Week 4 – America’s Choice Catfish and Coconut

So sad for Jordon, who was feeling pretty blue today after the have not competition

The have/have not competition took place today, and Jordon, Jeff , Rachel and Shelly are the have-nots for the week.  Some pretty hot tempers, and conflicts flaring in the house in real BB time.  It’s Saturday night, and in the last day and a half the Big Brother live 24/7 feeds I have observed 3 of the lady house guests sobbing.  Poor Jordon will need to get super creative in her second week in a row on slop and America’s Choice.  In the vote for America’s choice the winner is:

Catfish and Coconut

I'm tasty and nutritious, and brrrrrr.. I'm pretty cold!

The live feeds did show us the table for more than a few seconds.  The coconuts and Fish were easily identifiably the choice of the people.  Again, poor Jordon does not like fish, and now adds that coconut is not one of her favorites.

Jeff and Jordon talking about catfish and coconut

Jeff immediately dashed into action, and made some catfish that he marinated in some hot sauce, lemon ( of which Porche inquired if lemon was on the list of acceptable condiments)  Jeff read the list and I guess it was acceptable, because it was not mentioned by BB as a violation.  So we add lemon to the list of acceptable condiments.  Check out my 1st post to see that list of acceptable condiments!  Jeff also made a coconut slop in addition to a bit of toasted coconut.

Jeff's pan-fried catfish in hot sauce spices and lemon

The haves seem to be enjoying and getting creative with the coconut, and had some fun learning how to crack into a coconut without a hammer.  Adam found success in smashing it in a baggy against the HOH stairs.  Jeff and Adam tried a bit, and quickly spit it out in the garbage can because it was “a bad tasting coconut”.

Today one of the have’s this week, Adam suggested and attempted his Almond Joy/Mounds creations using chocolate coconut, and almonds, chocolate and coconut.  Porche reported that she made Muscle Milk Mousse.

More reports soon, as the official showing of the have not competition on Sunday’s  show on CBS at 8:00.  Be sure to remember to keep voting for which player will play to re-enter the game!

Jeff mentioned that he would like a Asian version of Catfish, so here is my recipe for sweet and sloppy catfish!

Jeff getting creative in the Big Brother Kitchen! How about something Asian!

Sweet and Sloppy Catfish


  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon ketchup
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of Salsa (cleaned and drained)
  • ½ teaspoon garlic salt
  • salt and ground black pepper (to taste)
  • 2 filets of catfish


Drudge fish in slop to coat entire fish thickly. Place on sheet-pans, cover and chill at least 30 minutes before cooking as directed.

For sweet and sour sauce: Mix red wine vinegar, ketchup, brown sugar, olive oil, soy sauce, water and salsa in a small bowl

In skillet, heat oil of your choice.  Fry fish until crispy (don’t over cook!).  When fish in finished, pour out excess used oil (be careful it will be HOT!) Put pan back on heat and add sweet and sour mixture to skillet to de-glaze.  Bring to a bubble and let simmer for a minute or two.

Coat fish by drizzling hot sweet and sour over crispy fish.

Shelly having fish with Jordon.. I mean chicken.. its chicken.. not really....

Jordon eating fish... I mean chicken.. yeah, its chicken!!!

Rachel’s Grilled Catfish El Salsa Slop

Last night Rachel put a dish together that she said was delicious!  I’m not sure about how good it is, but it looked interesting and after eating slop for quite some time, I’ll bet it tasted good! Rachel also said it tasted like an Italian Dinner but I’ll bet no Italian dinner was ever full of hot sauce!

Rachel’s Grilled Catfish El Salsa Slop


  • Fresh Catfish
  • Hot Sauce
  • Red Pepper
  • Oil
  • Slop (Pre-moistened)


Marinade catfish filets in Hot sauce, olive oil, honey, red pepper, and oil.  Drudge (coat) catfish in slop powder.  Fry in skillet or on Grill using tinfoil until fish is tender. While grilling, sprinkle with red pepper. When fish is ready, let sit for a few minutes.  Cover fish with warmed salsa and add hot sauce to taste if you need a bit more zing!

Rachel also made some toasted sugar coated coconut, and is currently marinating that concoction for dinner tonight!  Stay tuned for more creative slop creations in the Big Brother 13 house!

When your cooking something from nothing, make it good!!!!


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