Week 6 – Have Not’s have Heat

The Sad faces of the have-nots for week 6 in the Big Brother House

The votes are in and as of 12:30 pm Big Brother time Kalia, Porsche and Danielle are the official have-nots for the week.  Jeff, as reigning HOH was charged with choosing the Have Nots, and he picked the three people who have been on slop the least amount of time while in the house.

Dani and Kalia setting up and tucking in for the long have not week

Along with the slop the have not’s have to sleep in the have not bed room. Which if you have not tuned in to see it, is a slab topped with a very thin mattress padding.  They are given scratchy army style blankets and teeny pillows you might find on an airplane.  After three weeks of being on the top, crashing  to the bottom can hurt a lot.

America’s choice for the have not’s is ……… (drum-roll) Hard boiled eggs and jalapeno’s!!!

Porsche checking out the array of hard boiled eggs, and jalapeno's

The have-nots quickly hoped out loud that the eggs could be eaten or cooked any way desired, but hard-boiled is the only allowable  way to consume them.  The jalapeno’s were presented to the house-guests fresh and whole, sliced in jars and in a smaller red variety.

Porsche got in the spirit right away, and started thinking of things like egg salad, and deviled eggs.  Sadly salad dressing and or mayonnaise is not part of the approved condiments (unless they have made some changes since sardines and seaweed) so it will have to be made a different way!  Porsche has been a little creative chef over the past few weeks and said  she might try to stuff them with slop or attempt frosting covered jalapeno’s, so we will have to see what the house-guests come up with and what I can come up with recipe-wise for these common but oddly combined ingredients!

Stay tuned for reports on what the house guests create with their treats for the week, and I’ll also have reports on other creations made in the Big Brother kitchen!


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