Slop du Update! The Amazing Race Premier Party Hollywood

Hello Folks!  I had the pleasure of attending the CBS hit show The Amazing Race premier party on Monday February 19th, at The Parlor in Hollywood, California.  Of course being the Big Brother fan I am, I was thrilled that Brendon and Rachel had been selected to run the race this year, and what a great opportunity to get a chance to say hello to Brenchel and any other BB people who showed (including Lydia and Lawon!) not to mention get a sneak peek at the pairs of contestants running the race this time around.  I was not disappointed!  Kent and Vyxsin ( from Amazing Race last season were also in attendance and very nice folks!

Also, a shout out to Gillian Larson of the Reality Rally, held in Temecula Valley (!!!

Thanks to all the nice people I met celebs and fans alike!  Also a big thanks to the guys who shared their table with us!!!


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