JoJo Its Time to Go… Plus a New Vote on America’s Twist!

Last night was eviction night in the BB house once again, and this week it was JoJo’s time to depart.  

Danielle and JoJo sit in on the block waiting for a verdict as to who has been evicted.

After last week, and Willie’s volatile departure and expulsion from the game, this week was much quieter in the house and the drama reduced to a minimal amount.  On last nights live show,  JoJo , the 26-year-old bartender from Staten Island, NY, was evicted from the BB house with  a 5-1 vote after being placed on the chopping block by newbie houseguest Frank Eudy, the season’s second Head of Household.  I was not personally sad to see her go, I did not like her arguments for wanting to stay in the house.  Everyone who makes it in the BB house deserves to have a full chance at the prize, being there and going with the program does not entitle you to keep playing.  In order to play you must have the votes to stay!  Sorry JoJo, maybe Rock of Love is a better show for you to have a go at!  Bye bye!

The HOH competition was also held live last night in the BB house.  Big Brother set up a mock Ice hockey arena was in the backyard and each player had a turn to shoot a ball into a rack of ball catchers which were assigned point values.  Shane was the victor after he shot a perfect 20 and beat Ian’s previous high score of 12.  

Shane’s winning shot on goal for a perfect 20!

and no other player was able to match or beat his shot on goal.  Brittney was very happy as Shane is her last player and is keeping her in the BB house.. for now… stay tuned!

Brittney hugs Shane in excited mode!


The Twist and Vote!

How will America vote! Will the vets be allowed to join the game??? We’ll find out next time on BB14!

Will America decide to let the veterans into the game?  What will happen to the $100,000 prize if they do enter the game?  Will the newbies be angry and ban together to bring victory to a new player?  Will the vets come together and pick off the newest BB players one by one!?  Stay tuned, it should be exciting to see what happens!  We’ll let you know the results of the coaches competition and the Have Not Vote as it happens LIVE in the Big Brother 14 house!   Stay Tuned!  


America its time to Vote!

It’s time once again to vote for the Have Not’s additional treats for the week!  Cereal and salmon, garbanzo Beans and giblets and lima beans and lemons are among the choices for the house-guests in week 3 in the house!  None of which are particularly appealing.  I can see several of the items being great for creative eating!  

Cereal and salmon, garbanzo Beans and giblets and lima beans and lemons are among the choices for the house-guests in week 3 in the house!

I hope america serves something yummy so we can get super creative with the ingredients!  Joe has been serving up some treats over the last week, he even made Slop Taco’s!  Sadly BB live feeds have been skipping a good deal of the cooking this season, so we’ll keep trying to work with what we can and bring you creative culinary recipes and creations from inside the BB 14 house! 

One Fruit loop Gone….The Slop must go on!

Its been a few days now since the expulsion of Willie Hantz from the Big Brother house, and now the house-guests are settling back into the game.  The have 4 nots have been selected by Janelle the Winner of the coaches competition we saw on Sunday’s broadcast.  Willie (my last mention of this guy), Shane, JoJo and Ian were selected for the dreaded punishment.  It was said and seen that Ian half volunteered for the slop; he raised his hand and was picked simultaneously.  America voted and made its decision of Pudding and Pork Rinds. 

Jedi Janie and Ashley make Apple Crisp!

Janelle has been on a cooking spree and she and Ashley got creative and made Apple crisp and sugar cookies from scratch last night.  It was a “little bit of this” and a “little bit of that concoction, but if you’d like to try creating this culinary delight at home, try this recipe!

Apple Crisp

Apple Mix

  • 8 medium baking apples (green or McIntosh work great!)
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 3/4 cup white sugar

Mix the Apple mix in a bowl and don’t taste test too much!

Directions: Chop apples into small chunks or slices, add cinnamon, white sugar, and mix thoroughly.  Set Aside


  • 1 cup quick oats or crushed granola (OR SLOP!)
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup Lightly Melted Butter
  • 4 Tbsp Flour

Directions: Sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar in a bowl.  Add flour to melted butter and mix until all flour is dissolved.  Mix sugar mixture and butter mix together and mix thoroughly.  Bake at 325 degrees for 20 min or until browned and bubbly.  Remove from oven, and let rest.  Serve with Whipped or Ice Cream! 

Joe the chef has been making a family style meal since the beginning of the game, and has easily and simply made dinners for the have nots including slop burgers, and slop meatballs.  Here is a look at the list of condiments (BIG BROTHER UPDATE THIS PLEASE!)  that the have-nots are allowed to consume along with Slop and Protein drinks.

The house guests take time to give thanks for their feast!

balsamic vinegar, olive oil, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, vegetable oil, hot sauce, ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, relish, salsa, soy sauce, steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, honey, black pepper, garlic salt, crushed red pepper, salt, vanilla, basil, bay leaves, cinnamon, leaf oregano, paprika, parsley, rosemary, brown sugar, artificial sweetener, powdered creamers, white sugar, tea and protein powder.

Of course we can’t forget about America’s choice items which can add to the creative dishes made each week.  If you have a suggestion for this weeks Pork Rinds and Pudding, send it in!  Someone in BB Chat room 5 suggested frozen pudding pops of all flavors!  Maybe the pork rinds should be used to en-crust a slop patty! I have heard that bacon makes everything taste better… will pork rinds?

Stay tuned for more on how the house-guests get creative and I report on what’s cooking in the Big Brother house!

Willie Hantz – Expelled From Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 UPDATE:

The live feeds were down on Friday afternoon/evening while Willie Hantz was expelled from the Big Brother 14 house.

It seems that Mr. Hantz was upset that his team mates and he were told they would be eating only, slop, pork rinds and pudding ( and allowed condiments/ingredients) and sleeping in the have not bedroom for a week.  

Hantz very much believed he was the prime target of the HOH frank, and folks he was, and would be evicted at the end of the week, succumbed to the pressure and behaved in such a way that CBS has expelled him from the game. 

Stay tuned as America’s Vote has been made the the HAVE Not’s have been given Pork Rinds and Pudding.  We’ll have to see what is going to cook up in the Big Brother Kitchen when the HG’s have had a bit of time to settle back into the game! 

It is Game On! Your Chance Decide What’s being Served to the Have Not’s!

It’s game on in the Big Brother 14 house, and the first week of Have Nots is almost over.  In our first week of the house-guests experiencing what is in store for the  Have Nots this season.  In the first week, each have not was hand-picked by each of the coaches.  Boogie selected Ian after giving him “safety” for the week.  Britney picked Shane, Dan chose Danielle and Janelle named Ashley to be have nots for the week (this is new to this year!).  There was no America’s choice for the first week, but the first week is always a crude reminder of how difficult it can be to live on Big Brother Slop.  

Shane reported in that he lost 12 pounds living on slop in the first week.  Ashley had complaints about her back, and Danielle’s face was imprinted with the grate marks from the metal slab she is attempting to get her beauty sleep on.  Life is tough in the Big Brother house, but it always seems worth it for a chance at $500,000 bucks!

The Big Brother 14 Have Nots Bedroom. Its 30% graded beds, scratchy blankets and hypnotic walls, this is not the bedroom you want to be sleeping in if you’re a contestant in the Big Brother House.

Hey America! It’s time to Vote!

America’s Vote is ON! Take time to vote 10 TIMES for the Food you want to see the Big Brother contestants get creative with in the Big Brother House!

You can decide with the Have-Nots eat in the Big Brother House this week!  Log into to make your opinion known and give the house-guests.  The following are this weeks choices for this weeks vote:

It’s up to you America and all Big Brother fans, addicts, and lovers alike!  Get out there, vote, tweet and get creative with the Big Brother house!  

We’re in for a season of excitement and slop!  

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Cake and Slop Cookies for Mike Boogie’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mike Boogie!  

Janelle and Ashley got creative in the Big Brother kitchen.  Janelle baked Mike a banana bread cake with cream cheese icing for his birthday, and Ashley made slop cookies for the house-guests who were on slop.  Janelle explained that she made the simple icing with powdered sugar, milk, and cream cheese!  I’m going to have to keep an eye out to see how they are making slop cookies this year!  

(The slop restriction was lifted for the have not’s last night 7/17/12 at midnight!) 

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Slop… Now being Served in the BB House

Welcome to SLOP DU JOUR!

The first week in the house is always a time of adjustment for the house-guests, and the feed watchers alike.  We get used to tuning in and re-working our schedules to fit “feed watching” in, and they adjust to doing much of nothing but talking game and watching their backs.  Staying in the house is the name of the game, and in order to stay, your social game must be just a good as your voting game.

The traditional huge table is set and ready for a season of culinary and slop delights!

Again this year we see the return of “have-nots”, slop and cold showers!  This year, each week the “have not” houseguests are to sleep in the “have-not” room, eat nothing but slop (and protein drink) and the chosen condiment extras.  “Have not’s” are picked by the coaches competition held at the beginning of the long Big Brother week.  This week (week 1) Boogie picked Ian, Janelle picked Ashley, Brittney picked Shane and Dan picked Danielle to consume and live as “have not’s”. 

The have not room is especially bad and filled with the un-comforts of home. Spirals and slanted beds are going to be the least desired of BB14!

As of yet we have seen no America’s choice, (America votes on a combo of foods such as Jerky and Jellybeans or or but I am excited to see what HG Joe (who is a chef) will create and if filling the bellies of the HG’s will affect his game.  His first creations have consisted of Slop burgers ( which have gotten rave reviews).  Stay tuned to see if more creations will fill the bellies of the have nots!  

Danielle eyes the slop burgers with a bit of a sneer.  Her attitude had better change quick or maybe Joe will no longer create such treats!

The other house-guests dined on dirty Rice.  I’m not sure how well it was received because there was a whole lot left over!

Boogie, Dan and Jenn eat together like family.

Brittney has had seemingly no problem adjusting back to the grub in the BB14 house.

Everyone getting along pretty well, considering!

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Big Brother Season 14 To Begin July 12th!

Get ready for a Summer that Sizzles!


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