Slop… Now being Served in the BB House

Welcome to SLOP DU JOUR!

The first week in the house is always a time of adjustment for the house-guests, and the feed watchers alike.  We get used to tuning in and re-working our schedules to fit “feed watching” in, and they adjust to doing much of nothing but talking game and watching their backs.  Staying in the house is the name of the game, and in order to stay, your social game must be just a good as your voting game.

The traditional huge table is set and ready for a season of culinary and slop delights!

Again this year we see the return of “have-nots”, slop and cold showers!  This year, each week the “have not” houseguests are to sleep in the “have-not” room, eat nothing but slop (and protein drink) and the chosen condiment extras.  “Have not’s” are picked by the coaches competition held at the beginning of the long Big Brother week.  This week (week 1) Boogie picked Ian, Janelle picked Ashley, Brittney picked Shane and Dan picked Danielle to consume and live as “have not’s”. 

The have not room is especially bad and filled with the un-comforts of home. Spirals and slanted beds are going to be the least desired of BB14!

As of yet we have seen no America’s choice, (America votes on a combo of foods such as Jerky and Jellybeans or or but I am excited to see what HG Joe (who is a chef) will create and if filling the bellies of the HG’s will affect his game.  His first creations have consisted of Slop burgers ( which have gotten rave reviews).  Stay tuned to see if more creations will fill the bellies of the have nots!  

Danielle eyes the slop burgers with a bit of a sneer.  Her attitude had better change quick or maybe Joe will no longer create such treats!

The other house-guests dined on dirty Rice.  I’m not sure how well it was received because there was a whole lot left over!

Boogie, Dan and Jenn eat together like family.

Brittney has had seemingly no problem adjusting back to the grub in the BB14 house.

Everyone getting along pretty well, considering!

Check out more screen-caps and join in the discussion on FANTAPPER! 


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