It is Game On! Your Chance Decide What’s being Served to the Have Not’s!

It’s game on in the Big Brother 14 house, and the first week of Have Nots is almost over.  In our first week of the house-guests experiencing what is in store for the  Have Nots this season.  In the first week, each have not was hand-picked by each of the coaches.  Boogie selected Ian after giving him “safety” for the week.  Britney picked Shane, Dan chose Danielle and Janelle named Ashley to be have nots for the week (this is new to this year!).  There was no America’s choice for the first week, but the first week is always a crude reminder of how difficult it can be to live on Big Brother Slop.  

Shane reported in that he lost 12 pounds living on slop in the first week.  Ashley had complaints about her back, and Danielle’s face was imprinted with the grate marks from the metal slab she is attempting to get her beauty sleep on.  Life is tough in the Big Brother house, but it always seems worth it for a chance at $500,000 bucks!

The Big Brother 14 Have Nots Bedroom. Its 30% graded beds, scratchy blankets and hypnotic walls, this is not the bedroom you want to be sleeping in if you’re a contestant in the Big Brother House.

Hey America! It’s time to Vote!

America’s Vote is ON! Take time to vote 10 TIMES for the Food you want to see the Big Brother contestants get creative with in the Big Brother House!

You can decide with the Have-Nots eat in the Big Brother House this week!  Log into to make your opinion known and give the house-guests.  The following are this weeks choices for this weeks vote:

It’s up to you America and all Big Brother fans, addicts, and lovers alike!  Get out there, vote, tweet and get creative with the Big Brother house!  

We’re in for a season of excitement and slop!  

Check out my Big Brother page on for Screen Captures of this season!!!


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