Willie Hantz – Expelled From Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 UPDATE:

The live feeds were down on Friday afternoon/evening while Willie Hantz was expelled from the Big Brother 14 house.

It seems that Mr. Hantz was upset that his team mates and he were told they would be eating only, slop, pork rinds and pudding ( and allowed condiments/ingredients) and sleeping in the have not bedroom for a week.  

Hantz very much believed he was the prime target of the HOH frank, and folks he was, and would be evicted at the end of the week, succumbed to the pressure and behaved in such a way that CBS has expelled him from the game. 

Stay tuned as America’s Vote has been made the the HAVE Not’s have been given Pork Rinds and Pudding.  We’ll have to see what is going to cook up in the Big Brother Kitchen when the HG’s have had a bit of time to settle back into the game! 


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