JoJo Its Time to Go… Plus a New Vote on America’s Twist!

Last night was eviction night in the BB house once again, and this week it was JoJo’s time to depart.  

Danielle and JoJo sit in on the block waiting for a verdict as to who has been evicted.

After last week, and Willie’s volatile departure and expulsion from the game, this week was much quieter in the house and the drama reduced to a minimal amount.  On last nights live show,  JoJo , the 26-year-old bartender from Staten Island, NY, was evicted from the BB house with  a 5-1 vote after being placed on the chopping block by newbie houseguest Frank Eudy, the season’s second Head of Household.  I was not personally sad to see her go, I did not like her arguments for wanting to stay in the house.  Everyone who makes it in the BB house deserves to have a full chance at the prize, being there and going with the program does not entitle you to keep playing.  In order to play you must have the votes to stay!  Sorry JoJo, maybe Rock of Love is a better show for you to have a go at!  Bye bye!

The HOH competition was also held live last night in the BB house.  Big Brother set up a mock Ice hockey arena was in the backyard and each player had a turn to shoot a ball into a rack of ball catchers which were assigned point values.  Shane was the victor after he shot a perfect 20 and beat Ian’s previous high score of 12.  

Shane’s winning shot on goal for a perfect 20!

and no other player was able to match or beat his shot on goal.  Brittney was very happy as Shane is her last player and is keeping her in the BB house.. for now… stay tuned!

Brittney hugs Shane in excited mode!


The Twist and Vote!

How will America vote! Will the vets be allowed to join the game??? We’ll find out next time on BB14!

Will America decide to let the veterans into the game?  What will happen to the $100,000 prize if they do enter the game?  Will the newbies be angry and ban together to bring victory to a new player?  Will the vets come together and pick off the newest BB players one by one!?  Stay tuned, it should be exciting to see what happens!  We’ll let you know the results of the coaches competition and the Have Not Vote as it happens LIVE in the Big Brother 14 house!   Stay Tuned!  


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