Its time to Vote for the Have Nots!

America, it’s up to you to decide what the have-nots will be eating this week. Make your choice wisely!                          Go To to VOTE!

Once again America its time to vote for the have-nots extra food choices for the week.  It has been a long hard week as far as game play goes.  After the big “twist and reset”  the week of respite from slop comes to a welcome end.   Its been an easy week on the house guests stomachs, and I for one can’t wait to see who will be have-nots and what they will be eating!  I had expected and really wanted house guest Joe to really come up with some great ideas and creative ways to prepare the slop, but sadly it has not happened quite yet.  He has made amazing slop burgers and slop tacos but we need to see some major creativity with these have not foods.  

This weeks choices are as follows: 

The choice is yours America! Vote on for what foods the have-nots will be given  to supplement the dreaded Big Brother slop!

This weeks eviction is on Thursday at 8:00 PM and will be LIVE!  Will it be Frank the 4 time nominated unemployed 1st time contestant or Janelle “Jedi Janie”,  Big Brother alumni and favorite player of seasons past!  Even I am not sure  of who is going to be evicted this week.  Tune into the show tonight,  or check back on this blog for the eviction results!  

Please be sure to come and check out my Big Brother Channels on from seasons 14 and 13!  Register to get in on the discussion and to start you own Fan Channels, or just to TAP your own life!  


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more BIG BROTHER 14!!!  


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