Janelle Gone and Frank (or is that Boogie) In Power

Janelle is one of the best players to ever be in the BB house.The powerhouse Big Brother player

Janelle has been evicted.  Very sad to a Big Brother long time viewer as Jedi Janie was one of the best players (In my humble opinion) to ever grace the BB house.  Janelle uses her beauty, brains and brawn to play the most complex social and physical game and has come so close to the win, but never quite makes it.  This year, she did not even make the jury.  It is (I guess) some concession that she entered the house as a coach and was only looking to take the $100,000 prize this time around, but got pulled into the game when 3 of the 4 coaches elected to join the game last week.  I am sure my theory of, did not expect it anyway, will not ease her frustration of being foiled by BB again.  Goodbye Jedi Janie, you are a great player, and a contender for America’s Favorite player on Finale night!  Minneapolis is lucky to have you!

Frank and Britney battle for the HOH in the Final question of the competition.

The HOH competition took place after Janelle’s blind side eviction, and was a competition of knowledge, quick thinking and being able to put two and two together real fast.  The questions were descriptions of either, VETO, HOH or from a coaches competition.  Britney put up a good fight, but in the end lost to Frank, and he became HOH for the second time this season.  The Nominations  have taken place and Joe and Will are once again on the block for elimination.  Stay tuned to see what happens next in the BB house.  

Stay tuned for the nominations and results of the have, have not competition!


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