Wil has Been Evicted!

Wil leaves the house by a vote of 6-2

Last night was eviction night in the Big Brother house.  Wil, a 24-year-old marketing consultant from Kentucky, was evicted from the house in a 6-2 vote after being placed on the chopping block by fellow house-guest Frank Eudy, the season’s fifth Head of Household.

Joe gives his all in the competition, but maybe Joe’s best asset is cooking.

The jam-packed live Thursday show went quickly from the exit of Wil, to the Head of Household competition, which was a re-vamp of a past seasons comp.  The swamp theme made for a slippery slope up a hill to a barrel of liquid (the house-guests said it smelled like oil, but they wished it was moonshine) where they would “dip” a cup and carry it to a set of containers of three sizes.  There were also prizes that were to be awarded when each container was filled and the ball floating inside was removed for the win.  The largest container prize was HOH, the next size down was worth $10,000 in cold hard cash and the last and the smallest jug had to be filled for “safety”.  This was explained by Mrs. Julie Chen during the live show, but questioned when won, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Ashley is on her knees attempting a win… will she make it!?

Each contestant could begin filling the jugs in any which way they wanted, and as the live show came to completion it was more than evident which players were going for what prize.  The competition had many spills but in the end Brittney filled the small jug for safety, Mike “Boogie” filled the second jug for $10.000 and finally Shane was able to knock it out and fill the HOH jug and retrieve his ball first for the biggest prize and his own room for the week!

Congrats to Shane… who will he nominate… Stay tuned for more information and Tune in to CBS for the show Sunday!

Shane for the win!


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