Its time to Vote for Have Not Eats!

It is time once again America to vote for the Big Brother Have Nots additional food for the week.  The slop of course flows a plenty in the BB house, and the condiment list of available things to cook with.   Those who suffer the week long punishment of living in the have not bedroom (which is extremely torturous this season) and living on slop, america’s choice’s and condiments can be tough when under all that stress!

America you can vote on CBS.COM and help decide what the Have Not’s will be eating in addition to slop this coming week!

This weeks choices are going to be promising for agony for some or creative amazing cooking for others!  Either way, I will continue to bring you the latest news and updates on what’s cooking in the Big Brother house!  These are the choices for this weeks have-nots!

This weeks vote choices for America’s Vote! Go to CBS.COM to vote now!

Tonight’s live show promises to be one for the memory wall!  It is a double eviction tonight, however the players only suspect it.  The house has been a mess this morning, and it seems like the HG’s have been breaking down, and really feeling the pressure of the competition.  Mike “Boogie” Malin is on the block for eviction against the 37-year-old Jenn who has been pretty quiet so far this season ( although she does not seem to realize it).  The battle lines are drawn and unless there is some major changes in attitude or inside alliances, regular viewers can pretty much guess who is going to be evicted 1st tonight.  It’s all going to boil down to the HOH and POV competition of the double eviction live show tonight at 9:00PM and on tape delay for the west coast.  

Stay tuned for updates and more information and be sure to visit my 7 channels on on Big Brother 13 (including Brenchel’s trash bag wedding Screen Caps and much much more!)  ScreenCaps for this season are added daily and there are already 3000+ photos!)  It’s totally FREE and you can even download the images!  Click related channels to find more Like these:


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