Mike and Ashley Evicted, New HOH is Crowned

Boogie and Jenn sit on the block, waiting for the eviction.. the first of two!

It was an amazing and action packed night in the Big Brother 14 house last night.  The Live show on CBS packed a double eviction into one hour-long episode of drama!  As the show began Mike “Boogie” sat on the block with Jenn who had been named as a replacement for power player Frank who once again had won The Power of Veto and removed himself from the chopping block.  It was Jenn’s first time on the block and she showed her anger towards her nominator Shane, and everyone else who she assumed wanted her on the block.  She was naturally a complete and total pawn, and had no chance of being evicted in the first round.  The final votes were cast quickly, and Boogie was evicted by a vote of 6-2 (note: you could just see the shock on his face as he heard the number of votes, because it did not add up with what he expected) with Joe, Ian, Brittney, Dan Shane and Danielle casting the votes to evict.

The before or after is one of Ian’s best chances at HOH!

The HOH competition, which was a before or after trivia questions about things that have gone on in the house since day 1, was then played by all the remaining house-guests except for the outgoing head of household Shane.  It was a tight competition but in the end the expected winner was Ian for the HOH win!  Ian quickly had a few conversations, asked for a few promises and nominated Frank and Ashley for eviction.

Next the  Power of Veto competition was held, and it was a physical competition.  Each house-guest was given a lane with a ball pit full of little yellow balls filling it to the top. Buried in each of these pits were two clovers.  Each contestant was to run to the pit, retrieve the clovers (one at a time) and bring them back to the starting line.  After the clovers were found and delivered, the power of veto replica was to be retrieved and brought back to the goal line and the button pressed.  Frank pulled this win out to save himself from eviction.

The House guests all put there best foot forward to win the POV!

At this time Ian (HOH) had to name a replacement nominee.  Ashley was placed on the block along side Joe.  Ashley really seemed pretty confused and possibly drugged ( she has been taking pain pills and talking about it since day 1 in the house) and gave a pretty jumbled plea to stay in the house.  Joe was breathing quite heavily from either excitement or exhaustion and gave his speech in a non-verbal, gestures manner.  It was quite clear, effective and to the point and by a vote of 5-1 Ashley was evicted from the Big Brother House.

The 2nd  HOH competition of the night was held in the house a couple of hours after the live show and the results are astonishing!  So be sure to stay tuned for what happens and how it will affect the house!  

Tune in to CBS on Sunday for the show, check your local listings for times!


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