Pandora’s Box, Golden Veto, POV and Have Not’s Abound

Over the weekend on Big Brother 14 there was excitement, twists and lots of flip-flopping in the house.  As we saw on Sunday’s Show, Frank was once again victorious and Won HOH by a contest of balance and nerves of steel.

The game is called “Pull The Strings and the order of players was determined by a first go at the pulley machine.”

Frank and Danielle battle it out for Head of Household!

After a bit of a battle (not well-played by anyone else it seems) Frank wins Head of Household!  The Head of Household Frank must select one person to be a have not for the week and he chooses Dan for that role.  Dan has yet to be on slop in all of his time in the Big Brother house, so it was an obvious choice for Frank to make.

Frank nominates Dan and Danielle this week as expected.  He wants to vote Dan out and as of the day of nominations that remains the plan.

As always with Big Brother, we are told to expect the unexpected, and bingo… its twist time in the BB house!

Frank finds a Pandora’s Box in the HOH room.  Frank can choose to win money or not to open the mystery good or evil box.  He decides to open up Pandora’s Box.  He discovers many cubes with dollar signs on them and he is instructed to choose any three of the, he will receive the cash value on each of the three he chooses.  There is up to a ten thousand dollar prize, there are many with less value. The first box Frank chooses to open is $1.05, the second $7.11 and the last is $3,333.33, a nice prize and he seems pleased with his cash prize.

Frank decided to go for the cash, and unleashed Pandora’s Box

Meanwhile, downstairs the house guests find that there is a second veto available to be won in the house.  It is located inside the Arcade room inside the crane game in the form of a golden veto ball.  They quickly begin to tear up the house, inside and out and finally colorful balls drop from the sky in the backyard.  There are quarters inside some of the balls and to try the machine these coins must be found and taken to the machine, inserted and the claw lowered to attempt to grab the golden ball of veto.  Dan is first to attempt to snag the golden ball and fails.  Dan goes back into the yard and tells the others that he has it, but Joe quickly discovers that he doesn’t and alerts the other house guests to keep looking.

Ian is next to find quarters and attempts to get the golden veto and fails.  Britney is searching for quarters, hears the sound of quarters by Joe and nearly rips the egg from under his foot.  Ian tricks Dan by telling him he tried and it is not in a good position.  Dan finds this out and pours more pressure on Ian by saying that he is going to rat him out. Ian heads back inside to try again, and this time is successful and snags the golden veto ball.

Ian shows off his Power of Veto Golden Ball he won in the Pandora’s Box Competition

Stay Tuned for More info as it happens, and more reports on DAN the biggest move in the game ever, and What the Have nots are eating in the BB house!  


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