Big Brother Summer of Slop


A first look at the Big Brother 15 Have / Have Not room

Another exciting season of Big Brother has begun, and without delay the house-guests are facing their first week on slop.  What is slop, you ask?  Slop is a food substitute given to the house-guests who do not win the Have/Have Not competition each week.  It is somewhat of an oatmeal like powdered protein product that house-guests have described as “metal protein powder”.

America’s vote has in past seasons offered two food items that have not’s are allowed to eat along with the slop however, we have not seen any America’s Choice as of today.  Along with this slop mixture and the two voter items the have not’s may also consume condiments from a list provided by big brother.

Here is the list:

balsamic vinegar, olive oil, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, vegetable oil, hot sauce, ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, relish, salsa, soy sauce, steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, honey, black pepper, garlic salt, crushed red pepper, salt, vanilla, basil, bay leaves, cinnamon, leaf oregano, paprika, parsley, rosemary, brown sugar, artificial sweetener, powdered creamers, white sugar, tea and protein powder.

I will attempt to bring you news and happenings about “What’s cooking in the BB House”, bring you some of the recipes of the HG’s attempts to make things with slop, along with news of all the regular things happening in the house and in the game.  We’ll do some fun photos and some mash-up’s and screen-caps where I can!


Last Chance for Discounted Feeds – Tomorrow is the Big Day!


The big day is tomorrow and we begin the 100 days of Sizzling Summer and Big Brother 15!  As you can see the house-guests have already entered the house, and the 1st show and live feeds begin tomorrow night!!!  The feeds are being hosted by this season and will no longer be using the long time host Superpass for the service.  A discounted season subscription rate (23.99) was offered this year for early birds (rush to to sign up, today is your last chance!!!) Big Brother After Dark will be hosted this year on TVGN (TV Guide Network) if you are lucky enough to have that service on your cable provider.


SlopDuJour will be here covering everything that is cooking (in the kitchen and everywhere) in the Big Brother house.  We’ll be bringing you creative ideas for Slop along with juicy gossip, Screen Captures, Photo Graphics and amazing commentary!  Please feel free to make suggestions on what you want to hear about Big Brother season 15!  Be sure to check the archives for last years show stopping recipes and photo montages!

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A First Look at The Big Brother 15 House Guests

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Take a look at the Big Brother 15 house guests who were introduced to the public today on  Interviews with Jeff Schroeder (BB13)  are available at  You will also find a vote that is going to happen prior to the first show on June 26th, at 8PM/7PM Central on CBS! So, what do you … Continue reading

Let Big Brother 15 Pre-Season Begin!!!

Big Brother 15 is RIGHT around the corner!!!  The Hollywood Reporter released photos today of the new house (some of it!) leaving some rooms for a surprise for the anticipated first show of the season!   Clues to the season are being dissected now by BB’s biggest fans and supporters!   Rumor has it, 15 or maybe even 16 brand new house guests will enter the house and that always makes for a great season!  CBS is hosting the Live Feeds this year!  Check out for details.

Interior Plates

Photos are from the Hollywood Reporter.. click the link to see more!

Stay tuned to SlopDuJour to get the story on what’s cooking in the Big Brother 15 house this summer!  I will be bringing you all sorts of news and incites and maybe even some insider information on the house guests!