Ta Ta Nick, Hello Grapefruit and Guac

Nick Uhas Age: 28 From: New York City Occupation: Entrepreneur

Nick Uhas Age: 28 From: New York City Occupation: Entrepreneur

Nick was evicted in a surprising (for him) and classic Big Brother blindside on Thursdays show. So as we say goodbye to Nick, his kinda sorta showmance with Gina Marie will have to be put on hold.  Nick has said in post show interviews that he will have to wait until he and she can reunite, reportedly for a date to see a monster truck rally, until he knows more about where their relationship might head.

The Have not competition was shown on the Sunday night broadcast after Nick’s eviction and Gina Marie’s on air flip out because he left.  Gina Marie and Nick had a kind of relationship going on in the house.  At times it seem more like a stalker-mance but we will let that be decided at the end of the show by Nick and his actions towards Gina Marie.

The have-nots have been picked in the “No use crying over split milk” competition and the losing team made up of Judd, Amanda, McCrae and Jessie will have to suffer the loss and eat slop, take cold showers only, and sleep in the have not airplane room and eat the result of the America’s Choice vote.  There was no reveal of the foods picked in the vote on Sunday nights show, so drum roll please!  America’s choice is:


With all of the craziness in the house there has not been a ton of concentration on eating, and more on just surviving.  Amanda has thought of  a few things to make  like Slop-A-Moley and chocolate milk pops (it seems chocolate milk has been added to the have not condiments, but in limited quantities) for the have-nots to snack on.

Stay tuned for recipes for Slop Balls, and some cool refreshing drinks that can be made with Have-Not Foods!

In the meanwhile, hurry over to http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/americas-vote/ and vote on next weeks America’s Choice!


Stay Tuned to SlopDuJour and see what the HG’s are cooking in the BB house! 


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