What’s Cooking – Racism, Stereotypes and Nastiness

I love Big Brother.  I have for a long time and have been a live feed watcher for a long time.   15 seasons in fact… However, I have had more than I can stand this week, and I’m not bringing you my normal SlopDuNews.  I am taking the time to bring you clips of the atrocities that are happening in the BB house this season.

I have tried to chalk it up to the usual, house-guests you love to hate, but it’s more than that this year.  It’s becoming more and more acceptable and the norm of what happens in this game.  Julie Chen has expressed her dissatisfaction in the comments of some of the houseguest, and ignored others.  It seems CBS has used this disgusting behavior to boost ratings, and only address with the TV show viewers a very small amount of the comments that have actually been said.

These are two video’s of clips (of which I am not the creator, I am linking to them) which as a live feed watcher I know are not taken out of context, they disgust me and should disgust you.

I am not naming names, I will let the clips speak for themselves.  Please watch them, and decide for yourself if you will choose to sit and watch silently, ignore it or simply bear witness to these things.

I do not think any “game” is worth this happening or being allowed  and I will not sit by and watch it happen without commentary. .

All views stated are my own, and I make no reference to any employers of mine, past or present and my true hope is that this behavior will have consequences for those who have perpetrated it.

Please click the link for each video, they will open in a separate window.




22 responses

  1. This has nothing to do with CBS. This is reality and as soon as people figure it out and have conversations about it then nothing will change. These people are the norm unfortunately. And politics plays a big roll in this kind of attitude. We need ignorant people to realize what being racist means and what is hurtful and what is not. There are different cultures in the races but we need to embrace the differences we have and not make it hateful and hurtful.

    • Unfortunately the attitudes of the house guests are ruining the Big Brother experience for this viewer. I by not participating in this weeks have not blogging and bringing clips of the hate to those who have not seen it is my small part in showing what is being passed over by CBS. I agree we need to embrace our differences, however embracing is acceptance not by slinging racial stereotypes. THank you for your comments! I do appreciate it!

  2. Its ridiculous the way CBS and its producers are letting it go on, these people are probably going to be very sorry when they see what they have done on TV just to try and win some money. Show used to be fun to watch but not anymore, they need to be more careful if they do this again about the people they choose, these are a poor example of American young people. People should keep their comments to themselves. Like the old saying goes if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything. Please CBS wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HAHA, my mother would be so happy you said that! I agree totally! I hope young people will read these blogs and tweets and see just how wrong what they are doing is wrong! I myself have decided to watch but not on my TV, I’m watching on the internet so they wont get my rating for tuning in. That way I can bear witness but not give them my support in numbers! Thanks for your comments!

  3. Kudos to you for taking a stand, I’m disgusted, saddened, and appalled at the disgusting racist, sexist, rape jokes, phoney claims of sexual harassment, etc.

  4. CBS is missing a great opportunity to perform a real public service here. What we are witnessing is not just the evidence that racism still exists in this country, but its actual dynamic. Its no coincidence that the HGs didn’t have their “racism house meeting” until after Aaryn was done being HoH (the first time.) And with one possible exception, those who decried Aaryn’s racism couldn’t kiss her ass fast or deep enough when she won HoH a second time. This is how bigotry works in real life to limit the opportunities of minorities, especially African Americans..

    By presenting the racism in the house as a problem that was limited to a few HGs, (with the greatest emphasis on Aaryn), and one that is essentially “solved”, CBS is misrepresenting the true nature of what is going on in the house. Lets face it, if Candice and Howard were not black, they wouldn’t be targets — Aaryn’s bigotry has been deliberately exploited by the rest of the house to keep themselves safe — and its clear that Howard’s efforts to be a “non-threatening black man” made no impression on people like Amanda, who has been targetting Howard almost from day 1.

  5. Some of these things ARE taken out of context… In quite a few of the situations, they show people repeating things in a joking/mocking manner that other people said first, or going along with a conversation multiple people were having while only focusing on one particular person. ALL of the houseguests have said disgusting things. Bad behavior and disgusting comments are nothing new in Big Brother.

    • I agree everyone has said nasty things, and that is my objection. Nothing has been done. I am empowering myself to truth, and to decide not to cover what I blog about. Happy to have other opinions on the matter. I have been a fan of BB for 15 years, and NEVER have I heard this type of hate, and that is why its become such an issue today. Two wrongs don’t make it right, and this is not right. Thank you for your comments.

    • I made both the videos and I genuinely tried to include any NECESSARY context for them. In the Amanda video I did focus specifically on HER comments in the video about her racism (for example, the Kermit the fag thing was first said by Spencer, but she cracked up, repeated it, and commented on how hysterical it was – which you can see in the Bigotry Supercut). Beyond that, I’m kind of confused by what context you think would justify these comments. The I don’t like you because you’re black/Asian thing? Because the fact that they’re joking about Aaryn coming across racist is gross no matter what.

      But feel free to make your own video showing the context that justifies all of these comments!

      • Hello and thank you for posting making these compilations! I have been very frustrated and am glad to see you are aware that I have linked to them!

        Another note is that the Bigotry supercut was made weeks ago and there have been plenty more comments since that point. Its hard to take such hate of out context. What other context is there other than hate and bigotry!

        I would be happy to post any rebuttal from anyone who is willing to create their own video as the author of these two videos has done to make their point!

      • Thanks for posting them Robin! I really love how much attention this has been getting. Perhaps it will actually make CBS change what they’ve been doing. It really has been frustrating. I mean, it’s upsetting to see all the hatred and racist/homophobic/misogynistic/bigoted views these contestants have, but it’s also disheartening to me that a lot of it isn’t being addressed because Aaaryn is an easy scapegoat.

        And you’re right, there have been sooooo many comments made since I made the original bigotry supercut – not to mention all of the things that weren’t even in there. I’ve relied on a lot of people helping to give me flashback times and all that for the comments since there’s no way I can/want to watch hours upon hours of the feeds to find offensive things. So this isn’t nearly everything

        Plus, even if a few things are taken out of relevant context (not that I think they are, really), there are still many, many, many more minutes of stuff on both these videos. I honestly don’t get how people can see this stuff and just brush it off as joking or something. These comments are hurtful to so many people, even if they’re not hurtful to you (a general you, of course).

  6. Some of it is correct, but much of it was taken way out of context.
    ( a joker’s poster and I suspect a Howard fan) took quick cuts out of larger conversations. For example when they were talking about stereotypes.
    They were playing a stereotype game and naming the different ones.

    Amanda’s not perfect by any means. I think for her sanity she should go to jury in a few weeks, but this internet effort to ruin her and make her life miserable after BB is disgusting and cruel.

    • There is no context in which use of these types of statements are acceptable to me, and no stereotype game should have been played in the first place. I heard with my own ears Kaitlin say the N word in front of the bathroom mirror, stop and check herself.. Amanda said, “who cares”.. thats enough for my ears! Its no effort to ruin her, its an effort to hold people accountable for their actions. My purpose of putting this up has nothing to do with like or dislike for Amanda.. it has to do with truth, and the effect of stereotypes, racism and BB allowing it to go on has on the world. Thank you for your comments!

    • I made the video. Not a Joker’s poster, but thanks for trying. And honestly, I’m not really a fan of anyone on this season. So I guess you’re just wrong overall. And obviously they’re just quick cuts of larger conversations. What else would it be? Was I supposed to make an hour long video just so that you could try to justify their racism/homophobia/misogyny/other bigotry? If you feel like these comments are somehow excusable, you’re more than welcome to make your own video attempting to show this. But let’s be real, most (if not all) of this isn’t justifiable in ANY way. These are gross comments.

      And I’m not trying to make her life miserable, tbh. I do want CBS to be held responsible for the hatred that they tolerate on the show. If Amanda’s life is made miserable by this, though, it’s her own darn fault. I didn’t put these words in her mouth. This is ALL stuff that she said, even if you feel like it lacks context. My actual hope would be that she learns from this and realizes that her comments are hurtful and unacceptable, even the times that she thinks she’s just being funny.

  7. Thank you for making a stand against such hateful awful behavior. I’m a huge fan of Big Brother and am disgusted at some of these houseguests. It is crazy to see what has gone on this season!

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