Big Brother 13 Screen Shot Fun!

Boo Hoo Rachel, Cry me a river, the people still dislike you.

Two Similar looks... Rachel from Big Brother 13 and Boy George

House guests playing around in the HOH with Face masks, Brendan showing his story man outfit

Everyone havin a Big Brother Summer - Jordon's HOH Photo Shoot!

Big Brother Women getting ready for Live Show - Photo Caps by RobinPickles

Photocaps by RobinPickles

The cutest couple in television Jeff & Jordon

Late night fun in the BB house (Flash Back 7/25 - 2:23AM FUNNY!)

I just can't figure out why I have gained 8 pounds since I got here!

A tale of a great wind

WidgetsBIg of Screen Shot Fun

Jordon, the sweetest player and person in Big Brother History!

Jeff and Jordon Catching the Garter and Flowers at Brenchels Mock Wedding

Visit for more screen shot fun!

America's Adorable Couple! - Jeff & Jordon


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