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BB15 America’s VOTE is a GO!


On Sunday Nights show, the first vote of a whole season of America’s Vote was announced!  Yes, America you too can now vote on what two foods (in addition to the approved list of Have not condiments) will be allowed to be eaten by the losers of the Have/Have not competition held each week.

In case you missed it, the approved list straight from the BB house is in earlier posts.. please check the archives to see what is available to those who are have not’s for the week.  Chocolate Milk is a new item this year.  People in the house are talking (and it’s not all nice!) about how the people who are have’s this week, have drunk the sweet and chocolate treat all up,  leaving none for the have not’s even when it is known they are so limited in things they can cook and eat with.

Aaryn shows David her Southern Hospitality, but not so much to other contestants!

Aaryn shows David her Southern Hospitality, but not so much to other contestants!

So click that link and VOTE AMERICA!!!  Let’s show The BB House-guests how much we do (or don’t) like them.  We here at SlopDuJour will be bringing you ideas, and recipes for you of what the HG’s attempt to create with slop, and we will come up with a few of our own!

Nick shows off his Balance!  Just wait until you have a week as a have not Nick!!!

Nick shows off his Balance! Just wait until you have a week as a have not Nick!!!

Jenn Arroyo Falls Victim to a Surprise Eviction


Big Brother 14 HouseGuest Jenn Arroyo fell victim to a surprise eviction this week when she was voted out unanimously by Dan and Shane. Going in to the game Jenn faced an uphill battle as she was a complete Big Brother novice. After a slow start she managed to get involved in some big plays though it’s hard to say they were all in her best interest.

Pretty In Pink….Princess Britney is heading for the Jury House

Britney warmly greets the crowd, pretty in pink.

Its true, Britney has left the Big Brother house.  By a vote of 5-1 the house guests chose to send the 3rd coach packing, however this time the bag was packed for the second member of the Jury.  Britney was a tough player this year, and even having Willie (who was expelled by BB for breaking violence rules, back week 2) as a team member managed to survive until all but one of her players was gone.  She will be missed, as the last 7 members of the house lack the normal “spirit” that people like Britney bring to the house.  As America’s favorite house guest in the past, she has a chance to again take home the $25,000 cash prize!  Stay tuned and vote for your favorites!

The Big Brother Sun, with all its little satellites!

After the eviction, the House guests went straight to an endurance competition called “Around the Sun” in which the players had to stand feet on a round (very small) disc hanging from long ropes, and be swung around while hanging on and staying on for the longest.  The  sun of course sprayed them with “tanning” spray and later a “comet”  that looked more like a caveman club to me,  would  pummel and twist the competing house guests.   America tweeted out to CBS during the live show, and the first house guest to be eliminated from the competition would be given (based on the viewer vote) either a punishment or a reward.  America decided to levy punishment on Joe, who fell from the ropes after only two minutes (on a personal note, this was before the live broadcast had even ended, Jenn was soon to follow. Joe was punished with 24 hours of hula hoop boot camp (he had to get up and hula hoop whenever a song comes on for the next 24 hours). The contest came down to Shane and Ian, ( it was pretty obvious that Ian had the right stuff to win) and Shane’s muscles could not hold out  and he made a deal with Ian for safety for the week and dropped.  

Jessie in the house turns everyone into the GRINCH!

Pandora’s Box was offered to Ian, and after seeing a Christmas tree with presents under it, he accepted and opened the door to find many fun cute toy type gifts ( which are perfect for Ian, and he loved them all) and $1000 in cash ( of which he did not mention to the other house guests).  As with all Pandora’s box’s, there is something unleashed ( good or bad) on the house.  Jessie Claus ( Jessie is a notoriously disliked past house guest) and his return to the house was definitely a negative.  Jessie took all the “unhealthy” food out of the house, and replaced it with his idea of healthy food.  The house guests were not happy with the visitor nor with his presents, but played along like good sports.   It seems this week instead of have-nots, we have a house full of health nuts!  

At the nomination ceremony Ian gave easily the best nomination speech of the season. He was frank (pun intended) and honest, and he spoke with the most confidence I have seen from him all season. He even looked both Frank and Jenn in the eyes when he was taking to them, which hasn’t been done a lot at the nomination ceremonies this year. Here’s what he told Frank and Jenn when their keys were not pulled from the box, “Frank, you are a phenomenal competitor in this game. And I downright respect you for it, but you’re a huge threat and that is definitely an issue I have to look at going down the line. Jenn, you have played a remarkable social game so far and you’re also a threat. And I just have to keep these types of considerations in mind when moving forward and nothing personal, just strategy.

Because  Julie Chen announced it to the viewers, we are expecting a double Eviction this Thursday.   The house guests are not expecting it, but have an idea another double eviction or a fast forward might be coming and have been running around making final 3 and 2 deals with each other.  Everyone seems to have more than one deal, and this weeks nominations are no exception.  Tune in for tonight’s show to see who will win power of Veto, and possibly save Jenn or Frank from eviction.  See who will be put up on the block if the power of Veto is used tonight at  9:00/8:00 Central on CBS!

Draw Something…a Funeral and a Resurrection

The Power of veto competition players are drawn and Ian is picked to be the host.

The veto players are picked, and the battle lines drawn.

It’s veto competition time, and the contest is called “Draw Something”.  This competition is a contest of wills and visual puzzle solving.  These puzzles once solved allowed the house-guests to perform a punishment, receive points or decline and be eliminated from the game.  Frank takes on points and punishments as he takes a dip in an avocado bath, accepts a chum bath once an hour for 24 hours, and wears a carrot costume for a week!  Frank also accepts 1 week of non-eligibility for HOH (this would mean two weeks for Frank because his is not eligible in the next HOH competition.

A chum bath looks as bad as it sounds.

Punishment Paint is hurled onto Danielle, and she is in the race.  Dan eats some Big Brother “food” (somewhat gross things) and is a close second in the scoring. After Dan accepts 24 hours of solitary dance party confinement, the scores are very close.

Danielle gets pelted with paint, that later gave her a throat irritation!

Frank mumbles “summer” to Britney and gets disqualified for breaking the rule of not giving away aid to other house guests.  Frank’s punishments stand with no chance of him gaining the Power of Veto.

Frank mumbles “summer” to Brit, and gets DQ’d

Jenn is victorious (by default) and takes slop for the rest of the summer for the win and the power of veto.

Jenn wins the Power of Veto

Dan is overcome with emotion at the loss, and quickly enters his solitary punishment.

Dan is victorious, but sad for having to be so ruthless ( not!)

Britney and Danielle enjoy their time when they are chained together for 24 hours as a punishment of the veto competition.

Dani and Brit, chained by the ankle for 24 hours

After Dan’s 24 hour solitary confinement, he fakes a sort of panic attack and gains some sympathy from the house-guests in the form of concern for his health.   Dan requests a house meeting, saying that he has some things to say.  He addresses the house as if he has remorse, and says good things about everyone, and many tears are shed.  Danielle is the last person to be addressed by Dan, and he says she is dead to him in this game.  Danielle reacts very poorly, and is devastated by Dan’s remarks. He later clues her in on the plan.. she is not amused, but hopeful.

House meetings always end up with big changes in the house!

Dan requests a meeting with Frank during his “funeral” and comes clean with him and tells him it’s a plan to save him and make new alliances. Frank buys in, and joins Dan in a final 2 deal with a handshake. 

Dan comes clean with Frank, and makes a final 2 deal with a handshake, a swear on the bible, and his wedding ring.

During the Power of Veto ceremony, Ian first chooses not to use his golden power-ball veto.  Jenn then steps up and to amazed, astonished and open-mouthed house-guests, takes Dan off the block and replaces him with Brittney.

Brit and Dani are on the block.. much to Brit’s dismay!

Who will be eliminated on the Live Show tonight!  Be sure to tune in to CBS!!!

Pandora’s Box, Golden Veto, POV and Have Not’s Abound

Over the weekend on Big Brother 14 there was excitement, twists and lots of flip-flopping in the house.  As we saw on Sunday’s Show, Frank was once again victorious and Won HOH by a contest of balance and nerves of steel.

The game is called “Pull The Strings and the order of players was determined by a first go at the pulley machine.”

Frank and Danielle battle it out for Head of Household!

After a bit of a battle (not well-played by anyone else it seems) Frank wins Head of Household!  The Head of Household Frank must select one person to be a have not for the week and he chooses Dan for that role.  Dan has yet to be on slop in all of his time in the Big Brother house, so it was an obvious choice for Frank to make.

Frank nominates Dan and Danielle this week as expected.  He wants to vote Dan out and as of the day of nominations that remains the plan.

As always with Big Brother, we are told to expect the unexpected, and bingo… its twist time in the BB house!

Frank finds a Pandora’s Box in the HOH room.  Frank can choose to win money or not to open the mystery good or evil box.  He decides to open up Pandora’s Box.  He discovers many cubes with dollar signs on them and he is instructed to choose any three of the, he will receive the cash value on each of the three he chooses.  There is up to a ten thousand dollar prize, there are many with less value. The first box Frank chooses to open is $1.05, the second $7.11 and the last is $3,333.33, a nice prize and he seems pleased with his cash prize.

Frank decided to go for the cash, and unleashed Pandora’s Box

Meanwhile, downstairs the house guests find that there is a second veto available to be won in the house.  It is located inside the Arcade room inside the crane game in the form of a golden veto ball.  They quickly begin to tear up the house, inside and out and finally colorful balls drop from the sky in the backyard.  There are quarters inside some of the balls and to try the machine these coins must be found and taken to the machine, inserted and the claw lowered to attempt to grab the golden ball of veto.  Dan is first to attempt to snag the golden ball and fails.  Dan goes back into the yard and tells the others that he has it, but Joe quickly discovers that he doesn’t and alerts the other house guests to keep looking.

Ian is next to find quarters and attempts to get the golden veto and fails.  Britney is searching for quarters, hears the sound of quarters by Joe and nearly rips the egg from under his foot.  Ian tricks Dan by telling him he tried and it is not in a good position.  Dan finds this out and pours more pressure on Ian by saying that he is going to rat him out. Ian heads back inside to try again, and this time is successful and snags the golden veto ball.

Ian shows off his Power of Veto Golden Ball he won in the Pandora’s Box Competition

Stay Tuned for More info as it happens, and more reports on DAN the biggest move in the game ever, and What the Have nots are eating in the BB house!  

Video: Should Joe Be Punished? – Reality Nation

Reality Nation is reporting on a possible violation of have not’s food/slop regulations.  Check it out!  What do you think?

Video: Should Joe Be Punished? – Reality Nation.

Big Brother Season 14 To Begin July 12th!

Get ready for a Summer that Sizzles!


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No More Have Not’s

With the Big Brother 13 Season winding down to the final 4 tonight, the last two weeks have been a veritable kitchen nightmare!  Well actually things have been pretty smooth and easy in the kitchen, and I think Big Brother gave the house guests a break by letting no one suffer on slop.

The Big Brother 13 Final 5

Week 6 – Have Not’s have Heat

The Sad faces of the have-nots for week 6 in the Big Brother House

The votes are in and as of 12:30 pm Big Brother time Kalia, Porsche and Danielle are the official have-nots for the week.  Jeff, as reigning HOH was charged with choosing the Have Nots, and he picked the three people who have been on slop the least amount of time while in the house.

Dani and Kalia setting up and tucking in for the long have not week

Along with the slop the have not’s have to sleep in the have not bed room. Which if you have not tuned in to see it, is a slab topped with a very thin mattress padding.  They are given scratchy army style blankets and teeny pillows you might find on an airplane.  After three weeks of being on the top, crashing  to the bottom can hurt a lot.

America’s choice for the have not’s is ……… (drum-roll) Hard boiled eggs and jalapeno’s!!!

Porsche checking out the array of hard boiled eggs, and jalapeno's

The have-nots quickly hoped out loud that the eggs could be eaten or cooked any way desired, but hard-boiled is the only allowable  way to consume them.  The jalapeno’s were presented to the house-guests fresh and whole, sliced in jars and in a smaller red variety.

Porsche got in the spirit right away, and started thinking of things like egg salad, and deviled eggs.  Sadly salad dressing and or mayonnaise is not part of the approved condiments (unless they have made some changes since sardines and seaweed) so it will have to be made a different way!  Porsche has been a little creative chef over the past few weeks and said  she might try to stuff them with slop or attempt frosting covered jalapeno’s, so we will have to see what the house-guests come up with and what I can come up with recipe-wise for these common but oddly combined ingredients!

Stay tuned for reports on what the house guests create with their treats for the week, and I’ll also have reports on other creations made in the Big Brother kitchen!