Double Eviction and the Carrot and the chef have left the building!

A look at the Final 7

An explosive show on Thursday began with the gathering of the house-guests, and the announcement of the show’s surprise double eviction ( the second of the season!)  as it stood with Ian as reigning  Head of Household his nominations were made and Joe and Frank sat on the block waiting for their fate.

Frank and Joe sit on the block for the first of two eviction in the second double eviction week on Big Brother 14.

When Julie Chen announced to the house guests that this week would also be a double eviction I was surprised not to see more scrambling for last second votes.  I think it was really because Frank was under the impression that he was safe this week, due to Dan’s very effective plan of ruthless lying.  There is some great controversy growing over this and Dan’s choice of “swears” on his Bible.  Dan has made it quite clear in his publicly aired Diary Room sessions that he is willing to tell lies in order to support his family and would continue to do so for the win.  As in all seasons of Big Brother, each player makes choices based on their own belief systems, but really should consider how each “move” or “lie” could affect them after the game.  I always hope that viewers will understand the spirit of the game, and when it’s over, will remember that each and every house-guest is a player in a game and half the fun is the drama.

When all was said and all votes were cast, Frank was evicted from the house, by a vote of 3-1 and left only hugging his ally Jenn who had cast the one vote for him to remain.  Frank will join, Britney and Ashley in the Jury house in sequester for the finale show.  I personally was not sad to see Frank go.  His 9 lives were well used up and his live feed personality was quite different from the one edited for the CBS shows.

After the eviction, the house-guests immediately sprang into action for the double eviction.  For the HOH competition, everyone moved into the back yard and took their positions for a quiz type competition.  The contest is a “quiz” type and Julie reads quotes from evicted HGs and the players need to identify who said it.  Whoever gets the most right in seven questions wins the contest and the coveted HOH.  After a series of questions, there is a three-way tie with Jenn, Dan and Danielle, so it goes to a tie-breaker question and DAN is declared the winner!

Its time for the nominations and before Dan even has a chance to name the HG’, Joe takes a seat in the nomination chair.  This somewhat breaks the tension then in a somewhat shocking maneuver, Dan officially nominates Joe and Ian for eviction, marking the first time Ian has been nominated all season.  This also marked the fifth time Joe has been nominated.

The POV is one of the most powerful weapons in the big brother house

Next is the power of veto competition, and to guarantee safety, the HG’s must work a plastic type shark fin through a massive maze, remove it and run back to the button hit it to win.  It’s a close race, except for Shane who never seems to get out of the starting gate with his fin.  Ian quickly moves his fin through the maze and while the others are still struggling Ian smacks his button for the win!


Ian uses the power of veto and saves himself, of course. Dan nominates Danielle which is a shock to her, but she takes Dan at his word (which is not golden, as we know) and only over-reacts slightly.   Obviously Dan wants Joe out, and he was worried that if he nominated Jenn, everyone would’ve voted her out. Dan is playing with fire right now, but this is probably the smartest move to get his way because there’s NO WAY Shane and Jenn will vote out Danielle. But still, Dan literally just nominated two people he has Final 2 deals with. The gasp from the audience when he did it was priceless.

JOE IS EVICTED 3-0 and its the first unanimous vote of the season.  Joe is a very good sport, as he’s the most excited person walking out the door all season.  Joe talks with Julie and  blames the “showmance” for him getting evicted, making jokes about how he couldn’t offer Shane the same things Danielle did.  He also claims his “strategy” was to lose competitions on purpose.  We say goodbye to Joe with a hearty THANK YOU for all the cooking and recipe sharing he did with the live feed watchers and Slop Du Jour this year!

Goodbye Chef Joe!!! Good Luck with MadLoveCooking and you will always have a friend at Slop Du Jour!


Wil has Been Evicted!

Wil leaves the house by a vote of 6-2

Last night was eviction night in the Big Brother house.  Wil, a 24-year-old marketing consultant from Kentucky, was evicted from the house in a 6-2 vote after being placed on the chopping block by fellow house-guest Frank Eudy, the season’s fifth Head of Household.

Joe gives his all in the competition, but maybe Joe’s best asset is cooking.

The jam-packed live Thursday show went quickly from the exit of Wil, to the Head of Household competition, which was a re-vamp of a past seasons comp.  The swamp theme made for a slippery slope up a hill to a barrel of liquid (the house-guests said it smelled like oil, but they wished it was moonshine) where they would “dip” a cup and carry it to a set of containers of three sizes.  There were also prizes that were to be awarded when each container was filled and the ball floating inside was removed for the win.  The largest container prize was HOH, the next size down was worth $10,000 in cold hard cash and the last and the smallest jug had to be filled for “safety”.  This was explained by Mrs. Julie Chen during the live show, but questioned when won, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Ashley is on her knees attempting a win… will she make it!?

Each contestant could begin filling the jugs in any which way they wanted, and as the live show came to completion it was more than evident which players were going for what prize.  The competition had many spills but in the end Brittney filled the small jug for safety, Mike “Boogie” filled the second jug for $10.000 and finally Shane was able to knock it out and fill the HOH jug and retrieve his ball first for the biggest prize and his own room for the week!

Congrats to Shane… who will he nominate… Stay tuned for more information and Tune in to CBS for the show Sunday!

Shane for the win!