What’s Cooking – Racism, Stereotypes and Nastiness

I love Big Brother.  I have for a long time and have been a live feed watcher for a long time.   15 seasons in fact… However, I have had more than I can stand this week, and I’m not bringing you my normal SlopDuNews.  I am taking the time to bring you clips of the atrocities that are happening in the BB house this season.

I have tried to chalk it up to the usual, house-guests you love to hate, but it’s more than that this year.  It’s becoming more and more acceptable and the norm of what happens in this game.  Julie Chen has expressed her dissatisfaction in the comments of some of the houseguest, and ignored others.  It seems CBS has used this disgusting behavior to boost ratings, and only address with the TV show viewers a very small amount of the comments that have actually been said.

These are two video’s of clips (of which I am not the creator, I am linking to them) which as a live feed watcher I know are not taken out of context, they disgust me and should disgust you.

I am not naming names, I will let the clips speak for themselves.  Please watch them, and decide for yourself if you will choose to sit and watch silently, ignore it or simply bear witness to these things.

I do not think any “game” is worth this happening or being allowed  and I will not sit by and watch it happen without commentary. .

All views stated are my own, and I make no reference to any employers of mine, past or present and my true hope is that this behavior will have consequences for those who have perpetrated it.

Please click the link for each video, they will open in a separate window.